Ramblings on the Road

P1010366Full-time RV’ing is a lifestyle that we have grown to really enjoy. There are several reasons for this but I will try to highlight the things we like most!

The Adventures

Leigh has always been the adventurous sort. If you have followed this blog, you know I call her a force of nature! I would say that she is ready to go where the wind blows but I have come to realize that she actually creates the wind. (Hi!  This is Leigh. He might have a point there…lol) I, on the other hand, had roots with a curiosity for travel. It was my plan to hit the road once we had retired. Needless to say with great skill and effort, (18 L-O-N-G years of effort) Leigh uprooted me and now I am a leaf on the wind…watch me soar! 20171119_093559.jpg
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina have all been multiple ports (Ports? Ok, I’ll let it slide) of call. They all have had something interesting and delightful that captured our imagination or our taste buds. (Did I forget to mention that we are totally Foodies???) The wonderful thing about living on the road is the ability to experience them all for however long you like and then move on to the next spot! (It is hard to leave sometime. We loved El Paso! I couldn’t believe how cool the people of El Paso were. We can’t wait to get back there!)20170903_192540
Be it the peaceful beauty of Hidden Beaches RV Resort (What happens at Hidden Beaches, stays at Hidden Beaches. That’s all I am saying!) of Blythe, California, or the Natural Grandeur of the Texas mountains on the 375 loop in El Paso, Texas (aka Makeout Point). The perfect comedy of living at Robinhood RV Park (which we adore) or the Jewel of Alabama… Lake Lurleen! (This place is a must-see!  It is heavenly. You will know what I mean when you get there!)  The sunsets there are just amazing. We have enjoyed every stop but one and it was so insignificant we won’t even discuss it.  (I’ll mention it, in case other people of color decide to stop there.  It was called Hilltop Campgrounds & Park. When we arrived we saw a lot of political posters! That’s fine. Made me a little edgy, but ok.  Then when we parked, we saw confederate flags.  That made me downright scared!  I immediately posted on social media so our friends and family would know where we were, just in case.  We left early the next morning.)

The People

Our favorite thing in our travels has been the many connections we have made across this country. We are pretty laid back folks and make friends fast. We have been taken with the folks we have met out on the road. We have been told that the quickest way to start a conversation in the RV community is to open the hood of your RV or toad vehicle and folks will go out of their way to stop and help. We can’t really attest to that although we think now it may be true. Because we have not had the chance to get that far. Conversations come easy no matter which park we visit. There has been someone at each stop that we treasure spending time with. Fast Eddie and Judy at Tree Tops Resort in Arlington, Texas…Scott and Caren with the kids in El Paso…Can’t wait till they get to Virgina so we can visit with them again. Brini misses you guys! Also in El Paso, Mary, who turned out to be Leigh’s Ride or Die in Robinhood Park! This list could go on and on but the theme is common, great heartfelt relationships all across this nation.

Do we have differences? Yes! But we have much more in common if we could just take the time to meet folks where they live. Face to face without the anonymity of a keyboard, the beauty of this country is revealed to me at least. Our travels have given me hope for us, Americans, and highlighted the good that I have always felt was here. Now, maybe we may have rose-colored glasses on but it is something I truly believe. Good folks carry the day!

Not here to tell you that it’s all roses and daisies on the road because it most certainly is not. What I can tell you is that there is wayyyyyyyyy more good than bad and the FREEDOM it offers outweighs any obstacle you may have to overcome!

So our advice…
Downsize, change careers, sell the house and cars, or remove whatever it is you think is holding you back from living this way, if it interests you, and set sail (Who are you and what have you done with my husband?). Twenty years from now, you will enjoy the memories of a life lived on the road way more than you will the regrets of never casting off. Plus we would love to see you!

Till Next time
Peace and Blessings
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Conversations with the Universe

When in doubt, NubianNomads , give, let them have it, surrender, make peace.
When there’s no doubt, NubianNomads , give, let them have it, surrender, make peace.
Did I make life too easy?
  The Universe

There and Back!


Robinhood RV Park in El Paso, TX

So we have been there. There you ask? Across the country. The U.S.A. via the 10 and the 40…notice how I said that. In my youth, that would have been I-10 or I-40. It’s a west coast thing. Being a child of the south, I have my own way of saying and doing things. Some are considered quite charming by my significant other (That’s me!  Leigh) and some…Not so much (OMG!). Anyhow, it was interesting to go to places across this great nation of ours and see how others do it.

From the freewheeling, upwardly mobile west coast to the heartland welcoming midwest, all the way to the bible belt, the grind it out south, and east coast! All very different. All special in their own way and we enjoyed them all.


Arizona Sunrise

We will be stationary (Still in our RV) for the next six months or so but don’t get that confused (I would say, don’t get it twisted!  But I’m cool like that !!!) with us hanging up our traveling shoes. I have the great opportunity to finish what I started with the women’s tackle football team that I helped establish and coach, the Carolina Phoenix! I am super excited to be back in the saddle as the head coach and look forward to making an impact and win another world title along the way.

Have no fear Nubian Nomads followers, Leigh and I will still travel around within my home state of North Carolina and other points of interest on the east coast. We will still bring you content from our journeys as we settle in for these few months of the season. Then we will be back to our adventures traveling across the U.S in Stevie J, our wonderful Class A mobile home!



We are currently posted up in Chapel Hill, NC (Home of my beloved Tar Heels Free Tix are much appreciated!!) at a beautiful campsite called SpringHill RV. It is our NC oasis. Tucked into the woods with huge lots. There is plenty of room to spread out and just be. (Visitors are welcome!  Just call First! Oh and only two at a time…lol) As with the vast majority of RV parks, the neighbors are awesome. We are extremely happy with our journeys thus far and look forward to many more days of fun and adventure!


Til Next time

Peace and Blessings

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The International – Bar & Restaurant

So the hubby and I were attending an awesome street fare last week in El Paso called Chalk the Block. See the review HERE. We were having a great time. Since, we brought our fur baby, we decided to eat at a local dog-friendly bar and restaurant instead of the food trucks. Needless to say it was disappointing.  But not the beer. The beer was amazing. If you want the details, click the link to my #YELP review.

Chalk the Block

So in our efforts to take in as much of the local flavor during our travels, we came across an event in El Paso, TX called “Chalk the Block.” The downtown area of El Paso was blocked off and local artists were given chalk and a space of concrete sidewalk to create masterpieces.

We also ran across Matte finished vehicles that the artists were given license to create on as well. To us, the results were stunning.

There was some real innovation in 3D art happening there. To get the true feel of it, you will need to enlarge the photos below on your computer screen, download the app on your phone, and scan the image: Click Here for App Link. Once loaded, you can see the actual photos come to life!

We have now figured out we need to add at least 30 min to each planned outing that we take Brini to because she loves attention and she is sooooo cute that folks just have to stop and pet her in all her excited glory!

They did not leave the kiddies out of the equation. They were given chalk and an area they could express their inner artist as well!

This event was complete with food trucks and so many weight-adding options that smelled delightful and were a sensory over load!P1010510.jpg

This was an amazing event and we highly recommend you pay it a visit should your travels have you in the El Paso area in early October.  (Leigh here. We did stop to enjoy the fare at a local restaurant that didn’t go so well. But I’ll post that under the Beer blog)

Til Next time
Peace and Blessings
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What we miss…

We have been back home for some time now and are fully immersed in our life as full-time RV’ers. We absolutely loved living in South Africa. We had such a great time visiting the various historical places we got to see and tasting the traditional South Cuisine cuisine. (Leigh here – Can anyone say, Peri Peri sauce?) We loved seeing Soweto and the capture site at Howick Falls. We loved seeing all the animals in their natural habitat in Kruger National Park. The best thing, however, was the relationships formed and the many people we got to meet during our time there.
I miss the morning walks. The times I got to see the city of Johannesburg come to life. I miss the driving beat that the city possessed all its own. I miss the free and open debates that were part of a regular rotation of discussions by the Consciousness Cafe on post-apartheid South Africa and how best to move forward as a unified country. I would love to get involved in something like it here in the USA. We need it just as much as they do.


We miss the many fun times we shared with Charlene, Mpume, Tiseke, and Cmba at clubs and fine dining establishments. Our Thanksgiving crew, the Johannesburg Couchsurfers. Dez, Prisca, Elliot, Weng, Merushka, Naill, Sanele, Rejoice, Paulina, Freddy, & Ayuk…Plus, many others.

To that end, we also miss the frequent meetings with the lovely couple Sam and Thato… Wish we could have still been there for the birth of their first child.


We miss Leigh’s Pen-pal from childhood Thato (I have known him since high school. I got to meet my pen pal!) and his sister, Josephine, who’s hospitality on short notice was amazing.

We miss Yuniya who was so gracious to show us around to make our acclimation to South African life as smooth as could be.
We miss all of the lovely faces and the spirit of all the students & staff at Maharishi Institute that brightened so many days for us by simply being. Way too many folks there to name. I can’t mention the school without mentioning Meghan and her lovely mother.
We miss our adopted South African daughter, Zandile, (She gives the absolute best hugs) whose name we couldn’t pronounce right until just before time for us to leave. Lol, We miss your smile!
There are many, many more that we could name and I am certain we will get to them in future posts. Just know that we carry you all with us and treasure every moment we shared with our brothers and sisters across the water! Now come on over to the U.S. for a visit. We miss ya!


Til next time

Peace and Blessings

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Hidden Beach Resort!

20170903_192535We are on our way to Anthony New Mexico to hang out for a couple of months and see how we like it there. One of the perks of being a full-time RV’er is your home is on wheels and you can drive it anywhere your heart …and the roads will allow you to go. Leigh and I have followed some of the advice other full timers have given us about travel. No need to reinvent the wheel. We try and limit our driving time to four hours a day where we can help it.
So our first leg of the journey to New Mexico had us stopping in Blythe, Ca. We located a few pet-friendly RV sites and sent emails to the ones that we found interesting and in our price range… we are ballin’ on a budget here! Strangely only one resort answered back in a timely fashion. Hidden Beach Resort!

This place was awesome! We got a river front spot at off season rates even though it was a holiday weekend. The view was fantastic! The weather was perfect and the folks we met that night made it even more of a big deal than we could have imagined. Great conversation, grilled ribs, karaoke, Jack Daniels with a pickle juice chasers, and the list could go on and on! It was a great night that lasted way longer than it should but time tends to fly when you are having fun with good people no matter how old you get.

We were bummed we could only stay for one night but we will definitely be back to grace the shores of this river front oasis once a gain!
We are finding more and more how awesome folks in the RV community are and we are so glad that we made the leap and live this way full time! We are having a blast!

Til next time
Peace and Blessings
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Moving Gardens

Living on the road has been a blast for us so far. We have traveled across this nation from east coast to west coast. We have stopped at some pretty cool sites. Camp grounds, BLM lands, and even cool Walmarts.  We have added Brini, our precocious rescue puppy to the mix and now to top it off we are … shall I say Leigh is growing a garden. Yes, it seems to be possible to grow some of our own vegetables and herbs while we are on the road.  Here are a few shots from the start. We will keep you posted as to the products used and the progress made!

It’s home!

So we have been slowly going over all the functions and features of our home. In between trips to campgrounds, boondocking, and staying with friends it is hard to find time to modify our Foretravel. Like any home or vehicle if you aren’t the first owner it is normal to want to add your own touches to make it all your own.  Beyond the simple things like linens and curtains, you seek to make A home feel like YOUR home!

The carpet in our RV was serviceable. It had some age on it but it was well maintained and in good repair. The color went well with the rest of the interior but it was just something that was off. So we decided to replace it while boondocking at a friends house in Huntington Beach, CA. Who knew it was such a painstaking ordeal to pick out a floor for a space just a tick under 100 square feet. The endless comparisons of laminate or hard wood? How much does it weigh? …Weight is a constant concern for life on the road in an RV! Is the floor tough enough to stand up to the precocious nature of one Brini snuggle-butt Holmes? A soon to be 40 lb boxer mix that thinks the world is here for her and seems to have a mission to turn over as much water as she can.


We settled in on a beachy whimsy flooring that we thought would look fine and suited us. We went to Lumber Liquidators intent on buying said floor. Needless to say we were struck by another flooring choice as we were walking up to the counter and changed our minds. We think the results are fantastic!

I have to say this floor turned out way better that we imagined and it makes our little space really feel like HOME!



Til next time

Peace & Blessings

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A Nomad Addition

20017558_10155534906084265_3997906040985030207_oSo we have been traveling around the country in Stevie J., our 1990 Foretravel. This adventure has been filled with great pleasure, expensive repairs, and all other sorts of highs and lows but we would not trade a single second of it. We are a very loving couple. You know, the kind that folks say make them sick but secretly want to have that type of relationship. We have the good fortune of enjoying spending every second together without straining our bonds and depths of our affection for each other. It is a wonderful thing to possess with our chosen lifestyle.

Needless to say, we have lots of love to give, and now have expanded our nomadic family unit to three. Brini “Snugglebut” Holmes is the newest addition to our journey. She is a Boxer mix and she stole our hearts from just a photo. We had been discussing rescuing a dog to add to our family but had decided we wanted to get better at this nomadic thing as we are newbies and still learning to take care of ourselves on the road. We figured another six months or so, One picture and an explanation of the situation and, like so many of our plans, that was out of the window. Leigh and I hopped into Gizmo, our Geo Tracker, and were off to San Antonio, TX.


Did you guys know that Phoenix, AZ is almost the same temperature of the sun? I’m kidding…sort of, but it was pretty hot along the way and I could have sworn I saw the Devil and a few of his Imps making a visit for some R&R while passing through. The heat was so intense that our beloved gizmo needed the clutch replaced before we could move on. A small matter (Did he just say a thousand dollar car repair was a small matter?  He is so bougie) and we were on our way to pick up precious cargo and would not be deterred!


We arrived in San Antonio at the designated spot on the Riverwalk. Green Vegetarian Cuisine is a vegan restaurant that is very highly rated. If you know me, you know that I am a carnivore to the core. I tell folks when Lions and Eagles become vegetarians I will also. Until that day comes I will never surrender. Now I have on occasion enjoyed a meal or two prepared with no meat and managed to survive so this was not foreign to me but I must say I was totally floored by the Fish and Chips sold at this establishment! I would have bet a significant sum of cash on the fact that I was eating cod over some perfectly cooked fries. Let me tell you, they were delicious. My only complaint is that it was not enough for me. Mere mortals would have been satisfied with the three pieces portioned for this meal but I have a healthier than normal appetite and would like to have had a few more pieces to satisfy the little man in the tummy (That cracks me up...little man in the tummy…lmbo).


Thank you, Angela, for not only bringing this little ball of joy into our lives but for the great suggestion of this restaurant and wonderful conversation. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your daughter and we will have to cross paths again just to see you and reunite the brother and sister for play dates! You are the best.

As you can imagine, life on the road, trying to crate-train a rambunctious puppy has been nothing short of insanity. I have the ability to write this blog because Leigh was gracious enough to mind the baby last night as she rebels against our loving training. So I will be back at it again tonight… wish me luck. We are loving Brini and she is adjusting to boundaries and limitations like a boss. It was a hot long trip back to Huntington Beach and we are settling in for a while helping out a friend. Hopefully, this helps in the training of Brini and gets her ready for her life as a Nubian Nomad! We are in love!