Nonprofit and Small Business Consulting and Training

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Leigh Lester-Holmes has worked in the housing arena for the past 16 years. Her experience has included mortgage finance, housing counseling, housing counseling management, business management, auditing, training and all in between. She has a unique set of skills that helps her: access an agency’s strengths, assist them in developing a plan and helps them in the implementation of that plan. Her goal is to help non-profit organizations become sustainable so they can continue to assist their respective communities for years to come.  “I get to know them in detail and work with them to come up with solutions that best suits their needs.” —Leigh Lester-Holmes

She holds a Master of Management Degree with an emphasis in Public Administration. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Management with a specialization in Non-Profit Sustainability from Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. She has taught Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship with the Maharishi Institute in South Africa via distance education as well as working as a curriculum developer, trainer coordinator and national trainer of many housing counseling courses with National Council of La Raza.

She also works with Social Impact Strategies Group facilitating curriculum development for Entrepreneurship training as well as providing one-on-one coaching to participants.

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