Nubian Nomads is  Leigh Lester-Holmes, a pre-retiree and her partner of 22 years, Tim. We have been downsizing our “stuff” and our “lives” since 2012 when Leigh got a wild hair and decided to go back to school to get her PhD.  (She is still working on it). Currently, they are volunteering in Johannesburg, South Africa and living in the smallest space since they left their home in 2012.   Leigh also has her my own business, Holmes Unlimited. They are happier than they have ever been.

They recently came across a Youtube Channel for Technomadia and that was all she wrote. They made the decision right then and there to go full-time when they return to the USA in April.  They will be blogging/vlogging and taking pictures along the way.

They love music, traveling, good food, wine, beer and whisky and hope to visit as many wineries and distilleries as possible. They also plan to  track down as many “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” locations as they can. They are foodies to their core!  Plus, they’ll be reviewing accommodations as well. Leigh loves to cook and is learning to sew. Tim loves Football especially the Carolina Panthers so they plan to catch those games too whenever possible.  They hope to find a company who wants to wrap their 1990 Foretravel RV and so they can earn a little income from it. Fingers crossed!

For them, this is about financial freedom and quality of life. They will share what they learn along the way. They look forward to getting your feedback on their blog, and YouTube channel as well as meeting up with new people along our journey.