A Nomad Addition

20017558_10155534906084265_3997906040985030207_oSo we have been traveling around the country in Stevie J., our 1990 Foretravel. This adventure has been filled with great pleasure, expensive repairs, and all other sorts of highs and lows but we would not trade a single second of it. We are a very loving couple. You know, the kind that folks say make them sick but secretly want to have that type of relationship. We have the good fortune of enjoying spending every second together without straining our bonds and depths of our affection for each other. It is a wonderful thing to possess with our chosen lifestyle.

Needless to say, we have lots of love to give, and now have expanded our nomadic family unit to three. Brini “Snugglebut” Holmes is the newest addition to our journey. She is a Boxer mix and she stole our hearts from just a photo. We had been discussing rescuing a dog to add to our family but had decided we wanted to get better at this nomadic thing as we are newbies and still learning to take care of ourselves on the road. We figured another six months or so, One picture and an explanation of the situation and, like so many of our plans, that was out of the window. Leigh and I hopped into Gizmo, our Geo Tracker, and were off to San Antonio, TX.


Did you guys know that Phoenix, AZ is almost the same temperature of the sun? I’m kidding…sort of, but it was pretty hot along the way and I could have sworn I saw the Devil and a few of his Imps making a visit for some R&R while passing through. The heat was so intense that our beloved gizmo needed the clutch replaced before we could move on. A small matter (Did he just say a thousand dollar car repair was a small matter?  He is so bougie) and we were on our way to pick up precious cargo and would not be deterred!


We arrived in San Antonio at the designated spot on the Riverwalk. Green Vegetarian Cuisine is a vegan restaurant that is very highly rated. If you know me, you know that I am a carnivore to the core. I tell folks when Lions and Eagles become vegetarians I will also. Until that day comes I will never surrender. Now I have on occasion enjoyed a meal or two prepared with no meat and managed to survive so this was not foreign to me but I must say I was totally floored by the Fish and Chips sold at this establishment! I would have bet a significant sum of cash on the fact that I was eating cod over some perfectly cooked fries. Let me tell you, they were delicious. My only complaint is that it was not enough for me. Mere mortals would have been satisfied with the three pieces portioned for this meal but I have a healthier than normal appetite and would like to have had a few more pieces to satisfy the little man in the tummy (That cracks me up...little man in the tummy…lmbo).


Thank you, Angela, for not only bringing this little ball of joy into our lives but for the great suggestion of this restaurant and wonderful conversation. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your daughter and we will have to cross paths again just to see you and reunite the brother and sister for play dates! You are the best.

As you can imagine, life on the road, trying to crate-train a rambunctious puppy has been nothing short of insanity. I have the ability to write this blog because Leigh was gracious enough to mind the baby last night as she rebels against our loving training. So I will be back at it again tonight… wish me luck. We are loving Brini and she is adjusting to boundaries and limitations like a boss. It was a hot long trip back to Huntington Beach and we are settling in for a while helping out a friend. Hopefully, this helps in the training of Brini and gets her ready for her life as a Nubian Nomad! We are in love!