Moving Gardens

Living on the road has been a blast for us so far. We have traveled across this nation from east coast to west coast. We have stopped at some pretty cool sites. Camp grounds, BLM lands, and even cool Walmarts.  We have added Brini, our precocious rescue puppy to the mix and now to top it off we are … shall I say Leigh is growing a garden. Yes, it seems to be possible to grow some of our own vegetables and herbs while we are on the road.  Here are a few shots from the start. We will keep you posted as to the products used and the progress made!

It’s home!

So we have been slowly going over all the functions and features of our home. In between trips to campgrounds, boondocking, and staying with friends it is hard to find time to modify our Foretravel. Like any home or vehicle if you aren’t the first owner it is normal to want to add your own touches to make it all your own.  Beyond the simple things like linens and curtains, you seek to make A home feel like YOUR home!

The carpet in our RV was serviceable. It had some age on it but it was well maintained and in good repair. The color went well with the rest of the interior but it was just something that was off. So we decided to replace it while boondocking at a friends house in Huntington Beach, CA. Who knew it was such a painstaking ordeal to pick out a floor for a space just a tick under 100 square feet. The endless comparisons of laminate or hard wood? How much does it weigh? …Weight is a constant concern for life on the road in an RV! Is the floor tough enough to stand up to the precocious nature of one Brini snuggle-butt Holmes? A soon to be 40 lb boxer mix that thinks the world is here for her and seems to have a mission to turn over as much water as she can.


We settled in on a beachy whimsy flooring that we thought would look fine and suited us. We went to Lumber Liquidators intent on buying said floor. Needless to say we were struck by another flooring choice as we were walking up to the counter and changed our minds. We think the results are fantastic!

I have to say this floor turned out way better that we imagined and it makes our little space really feel like HOME!



Til next time

Peace & Blessings

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