T minus 21 Days….

We just had an amazing weekend.  One of the best since our arrival. Part of me thinks it is partially because we know that we are leaving soon.  Regardless,  it was a very special time. We were invited to go to Kruger National Park with our couch surfer friend, Prisca, and her sister visiting from Reunion Island, Lydie. We are so glad they did. Firstly,  Prisca made all the arrangements, which was nice as I am the planner in our family, so I didn’t have to do it.

We left on Friday morning.  We stopped at Billy’s for lunch. Outside of the service, this was a good place to stop. We stopped in Sabie and got dinner and food for breakfast.  Then we rested for the night. Tim and Prisca took turns driving.  He did quite well. The next morning, we headed to Kruger.  It was amazing. We drove and drove and drove. It was so nice to see a Mama and baby elephant walk across the street. The park was massive. There were people everywhere.

Tim will write more later. I am just overwhelmed by the experience and had to put pen to paper.Hubby and I and Three Rondavels near Kruger National Park - Mapumalenga South Africa

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