Fourways Farmers Market

One of the distinct pleasures we have grown to love here in Jozi is the abundance of open air markets. On this particular Sunday, we were invited to the Fourways Farmers’ Market to wish a fond farewell to our friend, Paulina, who was moving to Germany permanently. Paulina is another dear friend that we met from our network of couch surfer friends. We love this group and all the people it has placed us in contact with! (Leigh here, we hope the CS group in the States is as vibrant and social as this one. We plan to be very active.)

It was an absolutely beautiful Sunday! Sun shining, temperate weather, and general good feeling all around. A day where the possibilities seemed endless. We met up with Akosua…need I tell you, another couch surfer friend? We just love this group! She was waiting for us at the gate.  We paid the 10 Rand each entrance fee which comes out to about 75 cents US and away we went. It was a cleverly designed space. A fenced entryway led down a path covered with lush green trees forming a canopy of sorts. Just enough sun, just enough shade… Akosua had been here before so we had a guide. The space was large enough to explore but not so large that one would feel overwhelmed! The pathways were clearly marked and the signage was really funny.P1000854

We opted for food first.  It was just a bit too early for day drinking per Leigh and Akosua.  Ummmm, it is always evening at some place in the world and who am I to let down those good folk who hate drinking alone. (Leigh again, I think he just admitted to being a drunk.  Gotcha!) If you are following the blog you know and understand my love affair with a good drink and no explanation is needed. (YEP!) There are many tasty looking places offering food and again Leigh and I are foodies to the core so there comes a point where places like this become sensory overload and it’s both exciting and frustrating trying to make a decision on what to partake in. (You can say that again. It was Low-Carb-Be-Damned Day)P1000859

We settled on a dish we have never tried or even heard of…Woodstock Waffles. Mannnnn!  You can actually order breakfast…wrapped in the waffle! A choice of savory or sweet selections caused momentary indecision.  Again with the too many good options…We both ended up going the savory route… They were awesome by the way. We had to share because…well…we just have to have variety in our lives. Plus she makes me…don’t judge (Don’t listen to him, he likes it).

With food now in hand, we headed off to find a place to sit and eat, which was an adventure unto itself. There was picnic-styled seating under cover of trees that was nice and intimate, however, that place was first-come, first serve and you couldn’t really reserve seating. Needless to say, that spot was the most desirable and it filled up fast. For the spill over, which our farewell party would be, there were complete tree stumps of varying heights and widths lying around in another section conveniently located between two of the drinking locations! Hooray for us!  Luckily there were 3 seats/stumps available when we arrived. Our numbers would grow to 16 and as fate would have it, people would leave just as others were arriving and everyone found a place to sit and gather around Paulina to grab a bite and/or a drink and bid her farewell!

There were many micro brews there which happened to be heaven for me (Notice a pattern?) So over the course of several hours, we got to sample lots of drinks…well mostly me but our favorite was a Cran-Apple ale. Please forgive me for not acquiring the name from the vendor. I know it is poor form on my part but it was delicious and three of them will set you free… so to speak. I know what you are thinking and three of them did not cause me not to remember. I simply never asked for the name of the company from the vendor. They were selling a host of brews from different companies … sensory overload thing again! (Sure it was Boo! Tee Hee Hee)

Fourways Market was the perfect place to host this event. It was great meeting all of you and sharing a few hours with the woman of the day! We wish Paulina safe travels and all the best in her new life.

“You will always be a child of South Africa and a product of Ubuntu! It shows on your face and everything you do! We love you!”P1000888

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