So many of you have asked why would we want to become transient.  Give up the security of a permanent location.  I know it sounds totally crazy! But to us, at this point in our lives, it makes perfect sense.  I only wish we had arrived at this place sooner.  You see we have owned the big, pretty house in the nice neighborhood.  We have owned the luxury cars. We have been there and done that.  It was nice.  But we worked a lot!  There were times when I would come home, eat, go to bed and get up, to start that race all over again.  I didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy what I had worked so hard for.

When I left North Carolina in the fall of 2012 to return to school to follow my passion (Teaching), I began adopting some minimalist techniques.  I also jumped on board with the tiny house craze.  I just love them. Well, the hubby, Tim, was not trying to hear about a tiny house.  Needless to say, we all have to follow our own paths. So, I began to reduce my “stuff.” Each year, I reduced and reduced.  Some years, I added more than I really needed, but that was my way of coping with some emotional issue.  #RetailTherapy


When we began to prepare for our move to Johannesburg, South Africa, we decided that we weren’t sure where we would live when we returned stateside. It would depend upon our job situations. So, we gave away almost everything in our apartment in Long Beach, California and moved in with family for the last few months before we left. Let me tell you…it was the most amazing feeling!  We opened our doors at 10 am. The apartment was cleaned out by noon. The last family also offered to help us pack up what we had to move.

They say it is a blessing to give and I am a witness to that truth!  Our cups were running over after that experience.  We decided that we would continue to do that as we rented.  We love second-hand stores and can completely furnish an apartment with stuff we find there so why not, re-cycle it when done by offering it to someone in need.


Since being in South Africa, we have seen people with so much less and they still have a smile on their faces. There is the concept here called Ubuntu. (No, it’s not just an open source operating system). It basically means “humanity towards others.” We have lived our lives based on a pay-it-forward philosophy. This Ubuntu has resonated with us.  We want to live a life where not only can we enjoy the beauty in nature, come and go as we please but also help others. We have not decided how to give to others, but we do know that we will incorporate some regular volunteerism in our lives.

We also have several passions. We love wine. Cheap wine. Expensive wine. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s good to us.  I have also developed a taste for a whisky (with Tim’s prodding…lol) so I am looking forward to traveling around expanding my knowledge. Finally, we realized that we really enjoyed road trips!  We have had some of our best times in a car, whether it was going to a football game in Montreal, Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Texas or driving to Mexico or Vegas for a mini-vacation.  We always have fun!  So we had initially decided to do the RV thang for a short term and then the more we researched it, we realized that this way of life could actually work for us.  I hate debt and this will help us get out from under it and remain debt free.

We also love to travel!  This lifestyle will afford us the ability to travel to other countries.  See friends who live abroad. Expand our horizons. We are going to meet up with some Norwegian friends next summer before heading back to the US. So excited!

Will we be full-time RVers for life?  Probably not, but who knows.  We will follow the route the Universe opens up for us.  Until later……


14 thoughts on “Reflections….

  1. WOW Leigh! What a pleasure it is to be in your circle! I’m so excited about this next adventure you and Tim will embark on!! Living vicariously through you is a joy!! MUAH

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  2. Wow!!.. This is TRULY amazing!! You’ve captured the essence of true FREEDOM!! Congrats!!.. We are all so proud of you both and cannot wait to read about your next adventure!! Way to live life to its fullest !!!!!… From your lineman Tim.. 🙂 Big Ted (Durham, NC – Triangle Cardinals.. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the response Leigh & Tim.. I totally get how exciting this new journey will be for you both. I was up early this morning (yes its 3am est ) looking at the recommended Technomadia blog/video… amazing !!! I can see how this was the catalyst toward creating a new lifestyle paradigm. Now my head is spinning with the possibility of someday our family joining you guys on a nomad adventure… 🙂 As a matter of fact, my brother and I even entertained the thought of possibly doing the Burning Man as a small sample of what a minimalist yet fun way of life may be like for our families. In anycase, thanks again and cant wait to hear about your next journey… Stay in touch… Big Ted..


    1. Big Ted! It is so great to hear from you. So glad you looked at the vid from Technomadia! We look forward to catching up with you when we get back stateside. Till then it would be awesome to chat online from time to time. Get some sleep bro!

      Tim & Leigh AKA NubianNomads


      1. Suwabona brother!!… 🙂 … Sounds like a plan… Hamba Kahle & be safe… 🙂 And please bring back some good recipes stateside.. would like to try an authentic african meal someday…

        Big Ted

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    2. Ted

      Took a sec to collect some info on music here are a few that Leigh and I like.

      Lira Born Free Puts me in mind of Michelle Nd’gochello Powerful R&B soulful voice. Her album is about freedom and empowerment of black people!

      Musa Mr. Serious Favorite tune on the album MTHANDE everyone here loves this tune. Fills the dance floor its smooth R&B Rest of the album is ok great voice good tunes. It’s in Zulu

      Afrotraction Love and respect Compilation album various artist from Johannesburg R&B great tunes.

      I will have some house music for you by Friday … Our farewell party. I requested it just for you sir. We leave on the 10th of this month heading back home.

      See you on the other side Bro!

      Peace and blessings


  4. Suwabona… Unjani Brother! I have learned to cook a pretty good Chicken livers in Peri-Peri sauce while here! We will set that up soon as we can!

    Sala kahle !


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  5. Wait…Leigh are you really here in Johannesburg? Wow that is wonderful #Excited Trusting you had a smooth transition and are settling in well. Welcome to South Africa! Hopefully this will be your second home, the best home away from home 😁. It would be a great pleasure to finally meet the phenomenal being that you are.

    Enjoy your stay NubianNomads, hoping to see you soon.


  6. Ubuntu is my favorite word (so much so that it’s tattooed on my foot!). I learned about the philosophy while in Zambia and I couldn’t agree with you more about the smiles on their faces. We have so much to give and we are bound to one another. Beautiful post– thank you for sharing 🙂


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