Day 3 Heading into Texas

THE HOTEL: So we left our Econolodge and let me tell you. My last time. The staff was great! However, there were no masks in sight. I recently had a negative COVID test and wanted to keep it that way. No thank you for being a choice privileges member Ma’am. They started off a little rocky because our room which was supposed to be a non-smoking queen had been smoked in the night before….pause. They gave me no offer to switch rooms. So I asked if I could have a double since my room was no longer available and I was told that they would offer me a double at only a $10 upgrade fee versus the $15 upgrade fee. (The website shows that the upgrade fee is only $10). LIES!!!! Then, I asked if they charged the gentleman who smoked and the staffer said yes and I said, if they charged him then I shouldn’t have to pay for the upgrade. (DUH!!!) He looked perplexed. Plus, my sister has asthma so there was no way we could take a smoking room. He must have seen the look on my face because he looked again and gave us a King-Sized bed upgrade. Once, we got our key and checked in, I realized that I forgot to ask for the wifi code. I tried to call the front desk. The phone did not work. I walked back to the front desk. He saw me coming. He gave me the code and reminded me to give him a good review because he upgraded me. Ummmm…No! There was also a smell that I can’t really explain. But it made my allergies kick up. Ugh! Needless to say, we were glad to leave this morning.

LUNCH – We decided we wanted to sit down and enjoy lunch. We saw an Applebee’s so we decided to stop. We had not eaten out since we took off. And we wanted to sit down. They were social distancing which was nice. However, one of the waitresses kept her facemask positioned below her nose. Not cool. I got the Chinese Chicken Salad with Shrimp instead of chicken. Now the shrimp was cooked to perfection. However, the salad dressing was cream-based and tasted like cole slaw dressing. The waitress swore that in her eleven years it had not changed. I have eaten a lot of Chinese chicken salads and have never had one that was cream based. Other than that, our waitress was nice and the tea was tasty!

FELLOWSHIP The best part about the trip is undoubtedly, the company. I am having the best time riding with my sister. We are planning our LESTER empire. We will be launching some really excited services soon! #StayTuned

We also discussed some childhood trauma and how it has impacted us in our adult life. This was cathartic. We will be sharing some of our stories in hopes that others might be able to join us in healing. #ItTakesAVillage

We both really enjoy helping others. We got this from our Maternal Grandmother, Ms. Della Cotton Craig. She was an amazing woman!

FUEL COSTS – Oh My Goodness!! In California, I am used to paying over $3.30 in gasoline costs. In Texas, the gasoline was less than $2 in many places. I saw it as low as $1.77 but I couldn’t change lanes fast enough safely.

Good night and more tomorrow!

There and Back!


Robinhood RV Park in El Paso, TX

So we have been there. There you ask? Across the country. The U.S.A. via the 10 and the 40…notice how I said that. In my youth, that would have been I-10 or I-40. It’s a west coast thing. Being a child of the south, I have my own way of saying and doing things. Some are considered quite charming by my significant other (That’s me!  Leigh) and some…Not so much (OMG!). Anyhow, it was interesting to go to places across this great nation of ours and see how others do it.

From the freewheeling, upwardly mobile west coast to the heartland welcoming midwest, all the way to the bible belt, the grind it out south, and east coast! All very different. All special in their own way and we enjoyed them all.


Arizona Sunrise

We will be stationary (Still in our RV) for the next six months or so but don’t get that confused (I would say, don’t get it twisted!  But I’m cool like that !!!) with us hanging up our traveling shoes. I have the great opportunity to finish what I started with the women’s tackle football team that I helped establish and coach, the Carolina Phoenix! I am super excited to be back in the saddle as the head coach and look forward to making an impact and win another world title along the way.

Have no fear Nubian Nomads followers, Leigh and I will still travel around within my home state of North Carolina and other points of interest on the east coast. We will still bring you content from our journeys as we settle in for these few months of the season. Then we will be back to our adventures traveling across the U.S in Stevie J, our wonderful Class A mobile home!



We are currently posted up in Chapel Hill, NC (Home of my beloved Tar Heels Free Tix are much appreciated!!) at a beautiful campsite called SpringHill RV. It is our NC oasis. Tucked into the woods with huge lots. There is plenty of room to spread out and just be. (Visitors are welcome!  Just call First! Oh and only two at a time…lol) As with the vast majority of RV parks, the neighbors are awesome. We are extremely happy with our journeys thus far and look forward to many more days of fun and adventure!


Til Next time

Peace and Blessings

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